Who we are

MJ Label is a culmination of the love for design and a passion for sprucing your house with stunning eclectic pieces of art. It is a brand that also captures your preferences to customize it all to your liking. MJ Label was transpired when Miti Jhunjhunwala decided to translate her passion for styling tables and homes by launching this luxe brand. As a jet-setter and globetrotter who has an eye for all things pretty, she has curated a diverse range of decor pieces & table accents inspired from her journeys around the globe.

How we come to success

Her collections of dinnerware ideally reflect the theme, White & Gold, including the dinner napkins, bath linens, cushions, and napkin holders. They also stand for the regal theme of Black & Gold, including table mats, table runners, cushions, and candles, and the sophisticated theme, Metallic, of servingware. Her collections also boast of some classic Whites with their table mats, table runners, and dinner napkins, along with pieces in Light Neutrals, Medium Neutrals, and Dark Neutrals. She has also designed home pieces in soft colours like blue, pink, and green.

She has now ventured into designing quality, sustainable, and protective masks that appeal to the need of the hour. They bear the prime qualities of stylish and reusable fabrics like linen and design that would fit every preference. They have been carefully designed with a 2 layer linen fabric, which is not only anti-pollution but also completely breathable. Linen can withstand high temperature, absorbs moisture without holding bacteria, and is sustainable because the tax plant that it comes from requires foss water pesticides herbicides and fungicides. Moreover, the more you wash linen, the softer it gets. MJ Label Masks are biodegradable, stylish and steeped in quality.


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